What to do after a motor accident?

If anyone has been hurt in the accident, call the police immediately.

Otherwise, a police report should be made within 24 hours of any accident that involves

  1. Damage to a government vehicle or property.
  2. A foreign-registered vehicle
  3. A hit-an-run incident

The parties involved should exchange particulars, including their names, identity card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, insurer and vehicle number. If there are witness, note their contact details

If you have a digital camera or camera phone, take photographs of the accident, the vehicles and the scene.

Call your insurers hotline for a tow truck or for further advice on how to handle the accident.

Report the accident and take your accident vehicle, whether damaged or not, to the approved reporting centre (provided by your insurer) within 24 hours or by the next working day.

Take with you the completed Singapore Accident Statement, which contains two forms, if you have it. You can also ask your approved reporting centre or authorised workshop to help you fill up the forms

Avoid discussing which party is at fault. Refer all communication from the other drivers or their lawyers to your insurer. Do not authorise any repair work without the consent of your insurer.